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Fat Daddio’s bakeware is anodized for safety and performance. It heats faster and cools quicker so your recipes turn out the way they should. Fat Daddio's bakeware is put to the test every day in commercial kitchens, bakeries, and with professional bakers and decorators around the world. 
When you bake with Fat Daddio’s you bake with confidence.
Fat Daddio's Cake Pans
Why would I want Anodized bakeware?  
Aluminum is recognized as the ideal metal for outstanding baking results. By reflecting heat rather than absorbing heat, aluminum reaches baking temperatures faster and cools quicker. This is critical for cake, pastry, and delicate dessert recipes. 
Dark steel or heavy steel based bakeware retains heat and continues baking your recipes long after being removed from the oven.
If aluminum is good then anodized aluminum is perfection. 
Believe it or not, aluminum is porous like a sponge and will absorb fats, sugar, oil, dish soap and detergents.
Anodizing ‘safe-seals’ the natural pores of aluminum creating a:
  • Smoother
  • Thicker
  • Safer
  • More versatile baking surface
Anodizing creates a non-reactive surface which allows you to bake a wider variety of ingriedents like citrus fruits and tomato based foods and sauces.  These ingredients react poorly with 'natural aluminum' and 'aluminized-steel' products and can actually leach unwanted flavors, and even aluminum, back in to your baking. 
Anodizing is not a coating. It’s an environmentally-friendly process that contains no chemical additives, dyes, CFC’s, PTFE’s, or PFOA’s. Anodizing is the reason Fat Daddio’s bakeware will never chip, flake, peel, pit, or rust. 
Why don’t other companies anodize? 
Cost. The majority of bakeware in the market is steel or steel-based. The cost of steel is ¼ the cost of aluminum. So why do their pans cost so much? In addition to over baking, the problem with steel and aluminized steel is the potential to rust. Some manufacturers will use a chemical coating to provide temporary protection. Most of the time it is not 100% sealed and all of the time the coating will wear off. To the consumer the weight of steel based products and convenient non-stick coatings seem like a value. Their pans are shiny, pretty, and heavy, but still perform like steel. Heavier is not better.



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