Lettering (Flexabets)

Remarkable Flexabets Make Letters, Numbers & Phrases with Ease.


Flexabets are remarkable cake decorating tools that create letters, numbers and phrases quickly, easily and perfect every time. Flexabets are a combination silicone mold and cutter that makes quick work of the traditionally difficult task of personalizing cakes with phrases and inscriptions. Unlike any alphabet cutter from the past, Flexabets require no tapping, no slapping, no clicking and no sticking. Instead, simply lay sheeted sugarpaste onto a Flexabet, press with a fondant smoother and unmold to reveal a perfectly cut and molded letter or number in your choice of three lovely font styles: Calligraphy, Typewriter & Swirly.

Unlike the plastic, injection molded alphabet cutters of old, Flexabets are made of the highest grade silicone and resist temperatures up to 400 degrees and are unaffected by freezing. This unique construction make Flexabets perfect for creating letters and numbers from: fondant, gumpaste, chocolate, Isomalt, gelatin mixtures, caramels, tootsie rolls, jolly ranchers, taffy and CAKE LACE!

Take a moment to explore this amazing line of lettering tools by watching our “How To” videos that reveal just how easy it is to use Flexabets.



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