Artisan Accents Gel Color - Coco Brown
Artisan Accents Gel Color
Artisan Accents Gel Color

Artisan Accents Gel Color - Coco Brown

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Colors so pure and vibrant, a drop or two is all you need.

Easy to mix, with no impact on flavor.

Our 10 core colors allow infinite combinations.

Artisan Accents products are GMO Free, Vegan Friendly, kosher certified and are manufactured in plants that follow strict food safety guidelines and are audited yearly on these guidelines.

Also our products are manufactured in plants with Standard Operating Procedure for Allergen Control.

Color Gels

Gels are packaged in 2 Fl. Oz. bottles with dispensing twist caps.

Rich and decadent, our Coco Brown is excellent for chocolate cakes (and even double and triple chocolate cakes!) It's also great for animals, buildings, faces, trees... well anything brown really.




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