Let it Snow Pre-Printed Wafer Paper

Let it Snow Pre-Printed Wafer Paper

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 Icing Images introduces the next generation of Wafer Paper!

  • Thin enough to be manipulated with minimal cracking
  • Slight Vanilla Flavor
  • Pre-colored for edible paper art
  • Perfect for die cutting
  • Easy to manipulate and holds its shape in humid areas

Wafer paper is made from potato and is used mostly for accents applied to the cake. Wafer paper is used when holding its shape or standing upright is important. 

Wafer paper may have some color and texture variations. This is the nature of wafer paper. Wafer paper should not be refrigerated or frozen.

Wafer Paper thickness is AD (.27mm).

2 sheets of each printed design; 10 sheets total.

A4 sheet size.

Best Before May 2018

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