Cherry Cupcake Soap

Cherry Cupcake Soap

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The sweet, ripe and delicious scent of our Cherry goat’s milk soap cupcake soap is a sophisticated blend sure to impress with its shiny cherry soap on top of pure sparkling white soap frosting.

Each cupcake is hand-piped & made from creamy goat's milk. Non-toxic natural soap is the best for your skin. Our cupcake soaps come gift boxed, and are the most unique gift & a real treat for all ages. Australian Made, Hand Made Natural Soap made with fresh goat's milk makes the best cupcake soaps. Non-toxic, life size, mild pH, no SLS or synthetic detergent foam boosters, palm oil free, preservative free, no animal testing.  While all of our products are non-toxic, none are designed & manufactured to be eaten, taken, or used internally.



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