Colour Right Food Colouring System
Color Right Food Coloring System - Dragonfly Cake Supply, Alberta, Canada

Colour Right Food Colouring System

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Wilton takes the guesswork out of colouring. Mix the colour you want every time with Colour Right ultra-concentrated base colours and precise QuickCount colour formulas. Unlike traditional food colouring, the Wilton Colour Right performance colour system allows you to easily coordinate the colour of your sweet treats to match your unique party décor, theme or special occasion.

Colour Mix | Colour Right Base Colours: The performance colour system's unique base colours are ultra-concentrated to deliver high-performance colour with the convenience of easy-to-control squeeze bottles and QuickCount colour formulas. Traditional food colouring can call for hundreds of drops to achieve certain colours, making it difficult to keep count and easy to ruin the consistency of your icing. Colour Right performance colour system uses fewer drops to colour more, never compromising consistency.

Colour Match | QuickCount Colour Formulas: Match any colour with easy-to-repeat QuickCount colour formulas. These colour formulas make it easy for you to create and re-create vibrant colours, soft pastels and trendy colors that go far beyond the basics. Plus, new colour formulas are being developed and added to every day, so you can be the first to decorate with the latest colour trends.



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