Cake Lace Mix - White 200g

Cake Lace Mix - White 200g

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Cake Lace Icing by Claire Bowman is so easy to use, as it comes with a simple step by step instruction of the elementary method. The icing replicates the detail of lace yet the pliability of string, is a guaranteed seller, with customers producing wedding dresses and cakes, this products use is limitless.  The product can be made from start to finish in less than 30 minutes.

Cake Lace is also guaranteed to stay pliable for many months after it has been produced; ensuring no product is lost.

Cake Lace comes in a Part A and a Part B (please note Part B is included inside Part A).

Cake Lace also boasts to be suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, alongside being gelatin and gluten free.




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