FlexFrost® Gold Edible Fabric Sheets - 6 Pack
FlexFrost® White Edible Fabric Sheets

FlexFrost® Gold Edible Fabric Sheets - 6 Pack

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IcingImages® FlexFrost® Edible Fabric Sheets are the most flexible and durable sheets on the market and really do flow like actual fabric. Edible Fabric Sheets also have the ability to quickly and easily make edible lace which easily adheres to all forms of mediums with a little bit of water.

Use your edible printer or electronic cutter to print and cut pictures, designs, and patterns on the edible fabric just like a regular icing sheet. Use Edible Fabric Sheets to drape edible pictures, flags, and designs onto cakes. In addition, these sheets can be used to create edible clothing, ribbons, accents, ruffles, bows, shoe embellishments, wedding veils, doilies, and flowers. All edible fabric sheets are Kosher.



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