Flexique - Original

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Flexique is a revolutionary new cake decorating compound for making edible fabric, protecting your images, and making your cakes even more impressive.

Each package of Flexique includes two parts:

  •     Part A - Dry Mix
  •     Part B - Liquid Solution

Mix the ingredients with water, pop it in the microwave, and wield the power of this amazing cake decorating product. Detailed instructions and tips are included.

Makes about a 1/2 cup (118 g) of usable solution.

What can you make with Flexique? Edible decorations made with Flexique are more durable because they flex:

  • edible fabric
  • flexible wafer paper
  • ruffles
  • bows
  • shoe laces
  • flowers

Innovative Uses:

Because it's so versatile, the sky's the limit on how many ways you can use Flexique.

  • feathers
  • plastic bag
  • pirate ship sails
  • fish fins
  • snake skin
  • birch bark


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