Fondant - Fondarific - Burgundy - 5lb
Fondant - Fondarific - Burgundy - 5lb

Fondant - Fondarific - Burgundy - 5lb

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Best Before December 2021
Fondarific's high quality, gourmet fondant is the first of its kind, with its amazing ability to be able to be used by all levels of bakers. The quality of this fondant is like no other due to its mouthwatering taste, unlimited work time, and its ability to be rolled out 50% further than all other fondants without any tearing. The possibilities are endless with Fondarific Fondant and we are proud to finally bring you a product that takes away the stress of covering a cake and brings back the enjoyment of baking!




Exceptional pliability

Only high quality ingredients used

Less or NO powdered sugar needed for rolling

NO elephant skin, drapes over corners easily without tearing

Unlimited work time

Great for beginners as well as professionals

Roll to 1/8" with no sticking

Dries firm, but does not dry out

Colors will not run or fade

Covers twice as much as other Brands

Can be used in a sheeter or pasta machine

Great on all cakes, cookies, cupcakes and candy centers

 Longer shelf life (2 years)

Can be frozen

Laboratory tested


Much more forgiving than other brands of fondant


    Fondarific Care

    Fondarific in Summer Months
    Do not be alarmed if Fondarific is very soft and buttery. Let Fondarific return to room temperature and knead the bloom (white coating) if present back into the product. This will not affect the quality of Fondarific.

    Fondarific in Winter Months
    Fondarific may arrive firm. Microwave 10 seconds per pound checking for hot spot about every 20 seconds. DO NOT OVER HEAT! If you do, allow product to return to room temp, knead and then roll. Little or no powdered sugar or cornstarch is necessary for rolling Fondarific.  Do not use shortening with Fondarific.

    Store Fondarific on the pantry shelf. May be refrigerated and frozen.

    Ingredients and Nutrition

    Ingredients: Sugar (sugar cornstarch), hydrogenated palm kernel oil, non-fat dry milk, soy lecithin (emulsifier), artificial flavor, cane sugar, cornstarch, glucose fructose, water, salt, vanilla, butter flavor, titanium dioxide, carboxymethyl cellulose, Gum Arabic, vegetable glycerin.



    Do not use any shortening with Fondarific.

    Covering a cake: 
    Prepare your cake with a “dirty” coat or crumb coat of icing to seal in the crumbs. Measure the cake – height times two plus the diameter which will equal the amount that you will roll out. (ex. 8”x4” cake =  roll out to 16 inches) You will want to roll evenly (feel surface to make sure there are no bumps) to the height of a nickel = about 1/16 of an inch. Once you have rolled out to the appropriate amount, let rest for about 3 -5 minutes you will then lift the fondant to set it on your cake evenly. Then, using a fondant smoother, smooth the top of the cake to adhere the fondant to the icing and smoothing out the air bubbles. After the top is smoothed on, slowly smooth around the top half of the cake continuing around moving down to the bottom of the cake. By smoothing slowly and evenly, you will ensure that any excess air will be moved out to the bottom of the cake. If you encounter any wrinkles, slowly lift the fondant away from the cake and smooth that portion down.

    Fondant that is too soft:
    Weather or over-microwaving your fondant can play a part in how your fondant reacts. If the weather is hot and humid, you may encounter soft, buttery fondant. If this happens, set it in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes or leave at room temperature until firm.  When ready to use knead the buttery coating (bloom) back into your Fondarific.  As you roll your fondant out, roll and flip this makes it much easier to roll.  Follow the above steps if you over-microwave.

    Fondant that is too hard:
    Weather that is dry and cold can affect your fondant, making it hard to roll out. You will want to put your fondant in the microwave for 10 seconds a pound check it about every 20 seconds for hot spots. All microwaves have different power settings, therefore it is important to use a low setting when warming the fondant. If the weather is dry, you can add about ½ teaspoon of Glycerin per pound to help soften and make the fondant more pliable.

    Coloring Fondarific:
    Start with the wedding white fondant as the base. Add small amounts of any gel or paste coloring (using the tip of a tooth pick) to your fondant kneading well, repeat this step until you achieve your desired color. Let the fondant rest 5-10 minutes to return to room temperature before rolling out.

    Modeling is easy with Fondarific. If you require a more firm fondant base, you may mix ½ gumpaste and ½ Fondarific or 1 tsp of Tylose powder per ½ pound of Fondarific.



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