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Splash Silicone Onlay®

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As the name suggests, Splash Silicone Onlay® creates the look of splashed water on the side of a cake. Vary this fun pattern by using the outlines of the water droplets to create one look or the centers of them to create another. Each element of the design is cleanly cut by the patented cutting blades in one step, a feature unique to Marvelous Molds’ Silicone Onlays®. The fondant design is transferred by rubbing the back of the Silicone Onlay® when positioned on the side of the cake, similar to working with a cake stencil. To learn how to work with Silicone Onlays® , please refer to the Marvelous Molds website.

Dimensions:  6.6875 in L x 4 in W



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