Sugarworks' Artists' Turntable
Sugarworks' Artists' Turntable
Sugarworks' Artists' Turntable
Sugarworks' Artists' Turntable
Sugarworks' Artists' Turntable

Sugarworks' Artists’ Turntable™

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Easy to use, stable, and smooth!

The Innovative Sugarworks Artists’ Turntable™ is beyond compare- we feel it's simply the best pedestal turntable available! The highly-durable, food-grade aluminum work surface cleans up easily and effortlessly glides a full 360 degrees on a super-smooth stainless steel thrust bearing.

An easy-to-turn tension key on the base controls the turntable's spinning speed; tighten the key completely to lock the rotating platform in place. The one-piece, wide base design creates a stable platform for flawless icing, sculpting, decorating, piping, and flower arranging.


  • Highly durable, food-grade aluminum plate
  • Stainless steel thrust bearing for effortless spinning
  • Adjustable speed key
  • Locking plate
  • Strong, wide base provides stable platform
  • Non-slip mat included


  • Perfectly fits the Innovative Sugarworks' Turntable Expander™
  • Smooth refined edges
  • Non-slip base
  • Light-weight, one-piece design
  • Perfect for icing, sculpting, decorating, piping, flower arranging, and more

Size and Care:

  • 12" diameter plate
  • 4" tall
  • 4 lbs
  • Clean with damp cloth; we DO NOT recommend submerging the turntable

Decorate with ease and confidence.

The Innovative Sugarworks Artists' Turntable™ is the remedy for common decorators' grievances. Its tension key slows the speed of the plate’s spinning, or stops it entirely, preventing your cake from turning away from you while piping or decorating and alleviating the need to hold your cake in place while working.

The one-piece design and wide base create a super-stable work surface on this sleek and light-weight turntable. The Innovative Sugarworks Artists' Turntable™ won't tip, tilt or wobble while you work!



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