SWEET STAMP - Magical Set
SWEET STAMP - Magical Set
SWEET STAMP - Magical Set

SWEET STAMP - Magical Set (Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers & Symbols, no box)

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*Sticky Block sold separately. Box is not included in this set.

It's never been easier and prettier to apply personalized messages to your cakes.

With SWEET STAMP by AmyCakes you can easily emboss your message or name then paint. No more messing around with frustrating and time consuming cutters or struggling to find modern and elegant lettering.

Using SWEET STAMP couldn't be easier. Here's how :



The Sticky Block is optional, you can pick and press each letters individually,  but the Sticky Block ensures an even emboss and more control over placement, especially on the sides of your cakes. 

If you need to use the same letter twice, simply measure the gap and apply it individually by hand after. 

I recommend using the edible art paints or a mix of dust and alcohol or lemon extract to paint. For the elegant and curly set using a 00 Brush is recommended. 

Take your time painting in your letters, it's one of the more enjoyable tasks in cake decorating. 

Sticky Blocks Sold Separately



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